Tourism and history of the region.
The highest mountains of the region and Sowie (United Sowa 1015 meters) is located not far from the complex tunnel RIESE - giant. The complex is A. was an order from Hitler at the end of World War II. At present, to the public available Walim are three tunnels, and Wlodarz Osówka. (Links: Walim, Osówka, Wlodarz)

Make sure you have seen in our neighborhood:
- Castle and the Palm House Książ-Wałbrzych
- Castle Grodno Zagórze-Silesia
- The Church of "Peace" in Swidnica
- Firewall on Lake Bystrzyca
- Marie-silver mine in Bystrzyca Agnes Upper
- Rock City-Teplice rocks and ADRSZPASKIE ROCK in the Czech Republic
- Roundhouse-Silesian Museum in Jaworzyna
- Underground Tourist Route COAL MINE
- Palace of the Cross
- Palace Kraskow
- Basilica of Wambierzyce- Underground  railway - Świdnica


Sports & Recreation

In the vicinity of our girls to take Rally Championship Polish.Rally "Elmot" (in May) and "NIKON-a" which has enjoyed great look sports experience and a closer starts crews. Our guests are leading the driver rally. Fifteen kilometers from Upper Bystrzyca featuring the famous Stud Stallion Książ It is in this studdrummer band Rolling Stones' arrives on horse auctions. Winter sports fans are divided only 8km from the ski lifts and well-maintained slopes. The nearby Lake Bystrzyca kayaks provide great lovers, boats and water bicycles. On the edges or with a boat you can catch fish. A professional anglers waiting mountain, wild river Bystrzyca where you can caught trout.  Fans Extremal diving in caves can swim in adjacent to our agro-tourism XV century silver mine Marie-Agnes.(descriptions here and here)
As you reach aquatic recreation center - or Świebodzice Bielawa. Of the picturesque trolley tour through the Swidnica Bystrzyca to upper-Jugowice rocky gorges and viaducts.



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